Complaint Handling

Initial Documentation Complaints are only accepted in writing on the Alabama Board of Athletic Trainers’ official complaint form. Anonymous or oral complaints are not accepted. Individuals may make an inquiry about filing a complaint to the Executive Secretary via phone, mail, email, or fax. If an individual decides to make a formal complaint, the Executive Secretary will provide the individual an official complaint form. After receiving the complaint form, the individual fills it out, signs and has it notarized, and mails it back to the Executive Secretary. Upon receipt, the Executive Secretary shall date-stamp the complaint form and ascertain whether or not the individual named in the complaint is currently licensed by the Board. The Executive Secretary shall inform the complainant in writing if the individual is not licensed, thus falling outside the Board’s jurisdiction. If determined to be a valid licensee, the Executive Secretary shall assign a number to the complaint and forward it to the Chairman of the Professional Practice and Disciplinary Committee for further action.
Anonymous Complaints Anonymous complaints are not accepted.
Investigative Panel The Professional Practice & Disciplinary Committee (PP&D) is responsible for investigating complaints against a valid licensee and is composed of the Vice-Chairman of the Board, the Executive Secretary, and the Assistant AG appointed to serve the Board.
Negotiated Settlements The Board, after notice and/or hearing, may dispose of a case informally by stipulation, agreed settlement, or consent order in lieu of decision of the Board, with all parties or their authorized representative signing a written stipulation, agreed settlement, or consent order document.
Formal Hearing The Board will give notice and opportunity to be heard to the licensee alleged to have committed the impropriety pursuant to the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act. The licensee may request a formal or informal hearing before the Board.
Notification of Resolution of Complaints The Board will notify the licensee of the decision of the Board, listing the reasons for any decision adverse to the licensee. If the Board takes no action, the initial complaint file is closed and a letter is sent to the licensee and the complainant stating that the initial complaint file has been closed.

A Complaint Form may be obtained from the Alabama Board of Athletic Trainers
upon request via telephone, email, or regular mail.
Telephone -- (334) 264-1929
Email –
Mail – P.O. Box 243011, Montgomery, Alabama 36124

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